dental checkupAnytime you need a new crown or porcelain restoration, it’s necessary to get an impression or mold of your tooth. It used to be that the only way to get a mold was to use putty, which can become distorted if it gets any moisture on it and can lead to a poorly fitting crown.

Today, instead of using putty, Ellis Dental has the advanced technology for getting a tooth impression by using digital impression scanners. This provides many benefits, including:

  •  A faster, more comfortable crown.Due to the accuracy a digital impression scanner provides, your crown fits better and lasts longer
  • Same day Gone are the days when you had to wait up to a week for your permanent crown to arrive. Now, the crown can be built right in our clinic and installed the same day.
  • Improved ability to correct imperfections quickly.Unlike, traditional impressions, if we’re not happy with the digital scan, we can easily re-take or go over an are that may have been missed. This means your crown is almost guaranteed to fit right the first time.
  • Increased comfort.Using putty to get an impression can be uncomfortable for the patient. After all, who wants to have goop in their mouth, especially if they have a high gag reflex? Digital impressions are tolerated much more than traditional methods.
  • Peace of mind.Having a dentist who employs the latest technology all in the name of your comfort and convenience goes a long way. You’ll see that Ellis Dental has invested in themselves to improve your care, and that’s an effective way to put your mind at ease.

See how digital impressions can benefit you at Ellis Dental
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