laser dentistryOne of the best tools dentists has today gone far beyond what you would normally think of. We’re talking about lasers, and when used alongside other dental instruments, they are just as safe and effective for a wide range of dental procedures. Laser dentistry works when an instrument is used that focuses a narrow beam of light energy on mouth tissue, and then removing or reshaping it.

When dental lasers are appropriate
Lasers in dentistry are highly effective in treating cankers and cold sores, treating infections in root canals, removing overgrown tissue caused by certain medications, removing inflamed gum tissues to treat gum disease, exposing partially erupted wisdom teeth. What’s more, lasers can perform biopsy procedures, detect oral cancer, and accurately detect whether a spot on the tooth is a stain or a cavity.

The benefits of laser dentistry
Thanks to lasers, dentists no longer need to use a drill or numb the area in some treatments. This, along with their advanced precision, means lasers essentially make a patient’s dental experience more pleasant. In addition, lasers can control bleeding during surgery, reduce healing times in certain procedures, and minimize bacteria buildup in diseased gum tissue or cavities.

Safe and effective treatment
When laser dentistry is used by a trained, experienced professional, the treatment is just as safe as other dental tools. The only difference with the patient experience is that you will wear special eyeglasses during a laser procedure. Talk to your dentist to determine his level of training with laser dentistry, including any educational courses he or she has taken to stay well-versed on laser treatment.

Are you interested in finding out if laser dentistry is right for you?
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