Did you know that one of the best tools we have in dentistry are lasers? Lasers can be used to kill bacteria and treat periodontal disease, to disinfect root canals, remove cavities without freezing in kids, detect oral cancer, detect whether a dark spot on a tooth is stain or cavity….and the list goes on. At Ellis Dental we use many different types of lasers for all of these tasks.



This laser is used is to detect if a dark spot on a tooth is stain or a cavity. Gone are the days where we poke the dark spots to check for a stick – turns out we were creating holes. Now we have a laser such as diagnodent tell us if it’s a cavity or not.

Oral ID – laser oral cancer detection device

oral id laser
For many years we checked for oral cancer with our eyes in a visual check of the tissues, but if we could actually see a suspicious lesion or area, it was almost always Stage IV. Now by using lasers, we can detect oral cancer at the precancerous or stage I level. Considering one person is dying every hour oral cancer, these lasers such as oral ID are crucial for early detection and increasing survival rate.

Lightwalker laser

For root canals and to remove cavities in kids without freezing and a drill.


For killing bacteria during periodontal therapies.