dental treatmentThe word “ozone” isn’t just about air pollution. It’s also an extremely effective tool for all kinds of dental treatments. Being a dentist means having to battle bacteria all day, every day. And bacteria is what causes cavities that warrant fillings and crowns. It’s also what causes gum infections and, ultimately, bone loss, as well as infections that lead to root canals.

The best tool that dentistry has to offer to combat bacteria is Ozone therapy.This is the process of irrigating with ozonated water along with scaling the teeth, followed by infusing gas directly into the gum pockets to virtually eliminate pathogens. Using ozone therapy, the gums respond with increased blood flow and healing.

What makes Ozone therapy so significant is that it’s found naturally in your immune system and can kill bacterial, viral and fungal cells without harming other cells in your body safely and effectively.   What’s more, ozone applications are free from side effects, even more than medications and antibiotics.

At Ellis Dental, we use ozone therapy during cleanings to kill gum-infecting bacteria, under every filling and crown to disinfect and kill bacteria and reduce the chance of a future cavity, and during root canals to sanitize and kill the bacteria. Additionally, we use ozone to get rid of bacteria in a tooth and stop the cavity process before it’s too late, which is especially great for kids.

There are approximately 150 dentists in the US, and even fewer in Canada that have ozone therapy training and equipment at their practice, and only about 60 dentists receive ozone training annually. This is just one more example of how Ellis Dental is leading the way in progressive, health based-dentistry.

See how ozone therapy can benefit you at Ellis Dental
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