Did you know that being a dentist means that you basically battle with bacteria all day, every day. Bacteria is what causes cavities leading to fillings and crowns. It is what causes gum infections leading to bone loss. It is what causes tooth infections that leads to root canals. The best tool that dentistry has to offer to kill this bacteria is Ozone therapy. Ozone is cool because it is actually found naturally in our immune system and will kill bacterial, viral and fungal cells without harming our own cells. It is very effective and safe.

At Ellis Dental, we use ozone for all of our dental treatments. During our cleanings to kill the bacteria that infects the gums…..under every filling and crown to disinfect and kill bacteria to reduce the chance of future cavity, increase the longevity of the restoration and decrease sensitivity…… during root canals to disinfect and kill the bacteria.

Ozone is also great because we can kill bacteria in a tooth and stop the cavity process before we even have to drill and fill. This is especially awesome for kids. Currently there are 150 trained dentists in the US and fewer yet in Canada that have this training and equipment in their office. Only 50-60 dentists train annually on the use of this powerful tool. Once again, Ellis Dental is leading the way for health based progressive dentistry!!

Call us today if you want ozone to be apart of your dental treatments and prevention.