upper-arch-dio_2Any time you have a new filling or porcelain restoration such as crown completed, a key step is getting the height of the new restoration right so it fits well in your bite. A “high” restoration can become painful to bite on and sensitive to cold over time. For many years and still today in 99% of clinics, our only tool to check this is to bite on paper that marks the teeth and adjust the height.

Dr Ellis is excited to announce that bite paper is no longer the only tool we have to check your bite. This past month we added T SCAN to our list of tools and technology.

T SCAN is a digital wafer that the patient bites on and it will show any and all high spots and pressure points in the bite to help with these adjustments. It is more accurate and effective.

One again, Ellis Dental is leading the way in dental technology in not only Chestermere, but leading the way in Alberta, that is why we are honoured to have patients drive hours to come and visit Dr. Ellis.